I believe in empowering others. I believe in changing the world one community at a time. I believe in the promise of young people.

 When I was in high school, a monumental leadership experience changed my life. Since then, I have traveled all over the country spreading the mission and message of Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY.org).

The principles and thoughts I share here are outgrowths of that experience; I am so grateful to have benefited from a spectacular nonprofit that continues to give me the opportunity to impact others.

Currently, I’m pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts degree with emphasis on social science; eventually, I will pursue an interdisciplinary PhD in Leadership, focusing on higher education or nonprofit leadership.


I share blog updates and 140-character snippets of genius on Twitter, curate information (i.e.: stare blankly at screen) on Google+, and am always up for networking on LinkedIn.

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    1. Yessir! Thanks for the reminder to add those Follow options here. You can find me on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/justinbuck), Google+ (gplus.to/JustinBuck), and Twitter (@BuckLeadership).

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